King Kamali To Return On Stage In 2013?

If you have been training for bodybuilding in the last years, you must have heard about King Kamali. He was one of the biggest bodybuilders some time ago, in the late 90’s and in the early 2000’s. While he had never won any important contest, he defeated guys like Dexter Jackson, Craig Titus and Melvin Anthony (for those that don’t believe this, they should check the 2001 IFBB Arnold’s Classic, contest in which King Kamali placed fourth) and even caught the top 10 at the 2001 Olympia.

King Kamali has just posted on his Facebook account a picture of him weighing 290 lbs. Although he looks pretty decent, I honestly don’t think that he’s plannning to do a comeback in the big game in 2013. He claims to be all natural at the moment (fact that I don’t buy it, truth be told) and that the only things that he’s using are his own supplements that are soon to be released.
king kamali 2013 I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I think that he’s just trying to promote his business. Although he looks pretty decent, my take is that he would do a better job if controlled his gut a little. In fact, if you recall the 2004-2006 contests, he was insanely criticized for not coming ripped on stage, but also for having a huge gut.
While, from some points of view, it’s easy to understand why some of the pro bodybuilders have a huge belly although they have their abs visible (it’s not because they eat a lot), King Kamali has never made any efforts to control his belly, not even on stage whey lots of eyes were starring at him.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a hater. There was a time when this guy really looked awesome.
king kamali contest pictures
Impressive, right? Awesome lines, a nice phisique and a great potential (except for the triceps). But then he started to look like this:
king kamali in 2006
Or like this:
big belly
Horrendous, if you ask me. No bodybuilder should ever allow himself to develop that belly.
Anyway, my point is that King Kamali’s competitional career is done. Nowadays, he only wants to earn as much money as possible from bodybuilding, and maybe to return a bit under the highlights.

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