Jay Cutler To Win Mr. Olympia 2013?!

There are lots of rumors circulating about Jay Cutler. As you probably know, after he was defeated by Phil Heath in 2011, he suffered a surgery meant to repair his biceps, followed by a long period of recovery. Jay passed through those tough times relatively well and, according to his statements, he’s training hard for the upcoming Mr. Olympia 2013.

There are lots of people debating his statements, especially as recent pictures of him point that he might not compete at all at the Mr. O in September. He lost lots of weight and muscle mass and, truth be told, time is a bit short for him to regain his muscles and still come in shape, with a rock look alike.
Or is it?
If you ask me, I’d say that Jay is aware of his condition. If he really wants to compete and win the Sandow trophy, then either he knows exactly what to do in order to boost his body to the right level in a short period of time, either he thinks he’s (still) big enough to compete with Branch, Kai and Phil at the same level.

On his defence, do you remember when Jay was defeated by Phil in 2010 and everybody said he would never catch the finals again. Well, he proved everybody wrong: non only did he come on stage in an astonishing shape (even better than the one at the Mr. Olympia 2001 in my opinion), but he would have also won if he hadn’t torn his biceps. So, don’t underestimate the old fox. If nothing bad happens until then and, again, he really wants to compete and regain the Sandow trophy, count him a place in the Mr. Olympia 2013 finals. He might not win it (as I said in the previous article), but he will still place really well.

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