Cedric McMillan To Win Arnold Classic Bodybuilding 2013?

Remember who won New York Pro 2012? That’s right, Cedric McMillan did. Whether we like it or not, this guy has one of the most beautiful phisiques of the IFBB Pro league and even more, he seems to be extremely gifted for bodybuilding.

The following pictures were taken from the RXmuscle forum (of which I am a proud member). They show the insane gains that Cedric had managed to put on him since 2003 to 2009:
Cedric McMillan 2003-2009
Insane gains, not to mention that since 2009, he has continuously been improving himself. As a matter of fact, he won the New York Pro 2012. It was a sweet revenge for him, as in 2011 he placed only on the 11th position.

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It’s quite early to talk about Mr. Olympia 2013, but if he manages to win Arnold Classic 2013, then he might be a huge surprise in September, at the Mr. Olympia. At this moment, I bet Jay Cutler doesn’t even think at Cedric McMillan as a contender, nor does Phil Heath; however, if he managed to play his cards well, my take if that right after Arnold Classic they will change their opinion.

But can Cedric McMillan be the owner of the Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding 2013? Probably yes and here is why:
1. Jay Cutler won’t enter the contest because he doesn’t need to qualify for the Mr. O;
2. Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Dennis Wolf and Branch Warren are out as well because they’re training hard for the most important event of the year, that will take place in September;
3. McMillan has to “fight” against Dexter “The Blade” Jackson. The Blade might be the king of the contest, but he’s way older than Cedric, who’s only 36 years old, while Dexter Jackson will be 44 years old this year. Sure, there will be some other top guys at the same contest, guys like Fouad Abiad, Toney Freeman or Ben Pakulski, but in my opinion, no one of the ones mentioned can actually come in a better shape.
There is about one more month until Arnold Classic 2013 begins, so stay tuned, cause we will surely bring up some news soon.

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